7:30 pm

October 30, 2019


November 2, 2019


#garbageprincess the play is a call to wake up and face the devastating climate change that is happening today. The World is on fire, plastic is taking over the oceans and people are experiencing this massive shift without knowing what to do. Where are we going? How do we deal with such a big issue? How do people really feel about it?

So many questions, not many answers and our time is up. It feels almost like a collective panic attack.
#garbageprincess was created to bring awareness to the impact of climate change through human connection. The performance focuses on the individual journey of modern woman who speaks for those who think that they have no voice and power to act. Will she find a way to connect with herself and the world she lives in? What is really on her mind? How will that make a difference to this global crisis?
And who is the Garbage Princess?