In A Land Of Oz – a new play by Jessica Irwin

1:30 pm

May 19, 2018

In A Land Of Oz.

Script to Performance is a newly formed drama society which is about to
produce a newly written play in Walthamstow, East London. The society hope
to encourage a creative production process, working on solicited and (on
specific occasions), unsolicited scripts. The plays selected, must be associated
with themes of mental health/therapy. We are open to people bringing
forward solicited plays as long as that script goes through a creative process
and storyline/characters relate to a therapeutic/mental health issue. We hope
In a Land of Oz is the first of many innovative projects yet to come.




In a Land of Oz – Synopsis

Beneath the sun in San Diego, a girl buries a part of her personality to blend
in with her society and peers…Dorothy receives a bag of old belongings
which reinforces issues from her youth that she’s suppressed over her adult
years. She spends time in her room focussing on them and to her surprise,
her Oz-like fantasy world re-emerges before her eyes. With this childlike
experience, comes the lng-repressed truth about her state of mind. Will
this fantasy world lead her to the answers she was looking for, or push her
back into a darkness she can’t handle?

Friday 18th May 7.30pm
Saturday 19th May 1:30pm and 7.30pm

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