7:30 pm

November 6, 2019


November 9, 2019


All culture comes from the ground up, not from the top down, thus allowing each new generation to decide for themselves which ideas to follow and which to ignore.
The advent of a neoliberal economic system, arising from the thinking of a former member of the Austrian nobility, has rarely been seriously challenged. It has, over four decades, had powerful proponents and served them well. It has given us the closure of public libraries, tripling of university fees and the selling off of most utilites, even water supply. Austerity and cultural appropriation, down to the guidance and involvement of international financial bodies in local community projects, has caused huge youth alienation in the process.
We look at an earlier group whose lifestyle was viewed as a challenge and to whom justice was meted out in the form of 1300 police dealing with 700 travellers. Like many others they sought refuge and the hope of freedom elsewhere.
The message? Play. Dance as the mood takes you. Make a song your own as you sing it. Share joy. Girls and women uncover your heads, let your hair down, just like you see in the cave paintings.