The Human Mating Dance & other short plays

7:30 pm

July 18, 2017

6 short comedy and drama plays about love
18th July
A compilation of 6 short 10-15 minute plays (comedic and dramatic) with 2 or 3 characters. The stories by the American writer Samantha Garman will take you on a journey through secondary school thrills, old friends reunion, artistic connection, bottled dreams, fairytale hopes and new life – the touching matters of love, friendship and art.
Team: Renana Schuppan, Shell Murray, Tawny Fontana, Rachel Parry- Dixon, Aisha Kent, Jay Bailey, Joseph Simpson- Bushelle, Nicole Acquah, Mark Haldor, Sara Versi, Eszter Patakfalvi, Marcus Sedghi, Alexandra Evans, Paul Atherton.