Fri 21 February 2020

Already Legends are a band that prides itself on playing with all the heart it can muster. Their name derives from the respect to the artists that have influenced them to play music, and the band intend to deliver a stunning reconstruction and entertaining performance to the public on behalf of their favourite bands. As the songs are written by our favourite artists and performers, the band do the songs justice with a professional unique twist.

Already Legend's members hail from all over Europe. Brought together by the music they love to play and a desire to not compromise on quality or scope, they are a truly international band. From England, Belgium, Italy and Hungary, the guys bring with them different tastes and culture but the same flair and panache. This breathes huge diversity into the music they play. Styles range from Classic Rock to Disco, Motown and Heavy Metal. Bacause of this The Legend always have songs to fit any mood.

Together for 2 years, Already Legends is still relatively new band, yet they brim with experience and energy and in such a short time has already gained enough momentum to be playing twice a week around London and the South East.

Comprised of consummate musicians hugely comfortable playing together, Already Legends bring the music of the last 60 years to life on stage and will leave you exhausted bouncing around on the dance floor.

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Wed 22 July 2020

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